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Exterior Pressure Washing in Independence, KY

Whether you’re looking to clean your vinyl siding in preparation to put your home or the market or you’ve noticed your driveway has deep oil stains that you can’t get out, DR Pressure, LLC will be there to help. Based in Independence, KY, we’re the premier pressure washing and soft washing company in the region. With over a decade of service and 20 years of experience, you won’t find a team with the results we have.


Are you tired of looking at the dirt and bacteria build-up on the side of your home? If so, DR Pressure is ready to wash away your troubles. Our exterior soft washing services are perfect for the sides of homes, no matter the surface type. We’ve worked with countless residential customers over the years and have helped make the sides of their homes look like they were never dirty to start with. 

Concrete Cleaning

From your driveway to your sidewalk, you’d be surprised by how much difference pressure washing makes. At DR Pressure, we put light pressure on your hardened surfaces to spray and clean those hard-to-reach surfaces. Using a wide range of highly efficient tools such as pressure surface cleaners, we can get the dirt off of concrete patios, brick tiles, stairs, and sidewalks. Get your home as clean as it can be with help from our pressure washing team.

Deck Restoration

Having a deck is a great home addition, especially during the summer months, but you can’t have friends and neighbors over for fun in the sun when your deck is filthy. That’s where we come in! We’ll wash away the accumulated leaves, dirt, and other wood-staining particles for a completely new-looking deck. Our services work to wash away the dirt from your deck without causing damage to your wood decks. From the stairs to the railing, we’re your answer for deck washing.

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Transform your home or business from a darkened hotbed of dirt and filth into a structure you can be proud of with pressure washing services from DR Pressure. Give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page.